Provisional patent forms with video

Required provisional patent forms

The nice thing about the provisional patent application (PPA) is that the forms and paperwork you need to file are a lot less than the more formal non-provisional utility patent application.   There is only one required form for the US provisional patent application and that is the provisional patent application coversheet available here: USPTO provisional patent application coversheet form.

Here is a quick video I made showing how to download and fill out the USPTO provisional patent application form (coversheet)

As mentioned in the video, if you are filing as a micro entity you must also include the micro entity form.  More on this here Do I qualify as a micro entity?

The main parts of a provisional patent application:

There are three main documents you need to file with the provisional patent application (actually 4 documents if you are a micro entity).   These are:

  1.  The specification documents which is the written description of your invention.   If you have not already done so you can use our free template here.
  2. The figures or drawings document.   There should be at least one good drawing showing your invention.  If your idea is a process or software app then you can use a flow chart as your drawing.  These drawings should be placed in their own separate document.  
  3. The provisional patent application coversheet as described in the video above.
  4. The micro entity form (assuming you qualify for this discount)


Once you have these documents assembled you can save or convert them to pdf documents.   The specification can also be filed in .DOCX format although be careful of some weird conversion errors on things like formulas.    For the provisional application it is often safest to just file this as a pdf file.   I wrote a step by step guide on how to submit the provisional patent application online here:  Filing a provisional patent application online 

Once you have properly submitted all your documents you will receive an electronic filing receipt from the patent office instantly.   A few weeks later you will get a paper copy sent to you in the mail.   Read this document carefully because if there were any errors or mistakes in your provisional patent application they will show up in that mailing. 

If you are looking for a firm to prepare the provisional patent forms for you and file your documents to ensure everything is filed correctly we have started to offer that as a one-off service.   More on this here:  Let us file for you package.