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Finding a provisional patent example is different because provisional patent applications (ppas) are not published or available on google like a regular utility (non-provisional) patents.  A full non-provisional patent application will get published about 18 months after you file it.  A provisional patent application will remain secret unpublished (i.e. you cannot find it through Google).  This is either an advantage or a disadvantage of a provisional patent application depending on your goals. If you want to learn more about a provisional vs. a non-provisional please read this post.

There is a trick to finding provisional patent samples

The trick to finding a provisional patent examples is to find a non-provisional utility patent that is published and then accessing that through the USPTO website and within that page there will be a link to view the provisional.   I have included some examples below. 

Provisional Patent Example 1

Download Provisional Patent Application Example 1 -Here is the application that was filed.
Download Issued Patent - This link is for the issued patent (note we are the ones who argued with the patent office to get this patent allowed for the inventor).

Example 2

Download Provisional Patent Example-2 - Here is the application that was filed.
Download Issued Patent - This link is for the issued patent  (note we got this one approved for the inventor)

Example 3

Download Provisional Patent Example 3 - Here is the application that was filed. (not by us)
Download Issued Patent - This link is for the issued patent

Example 4

Download Provisional Patent Example 4 - Here is a MS Word version of an application which started off as a provisional patent application and was converted to a non-provisional (note: this is not the best way to do this).
Download Issued Patent - This link is for the issued patent

Here is a real example of an old provisional patent application I filed a few years ago:

If you look at the examples above, a provisional patent application should look exactly like a regular non-provisional application so its a lot easier to search for those and use those as your template or guide.  If you want to learn how to search patents, I wrote an short guide here: How to Search Provisional Patents.

The parts of a provisional patent application should be:

  1. The specification (the written description of your invention)
  2. The figures (show what your invention looks like)
  3. The transmittal letter or cover sheet (this shows who the inventors are and who is filing the application)

A provisional patent application does not need claims or formal drawings.  This is one reason why it's a lot cheaper to file a provisional patent application because you can save on the costs of having fancy drawings made.  There is some debate amount patent experts on the need to include claims with a provisional patent application.  Although they are not technically required, there are some reasons why it would be beneficial to have at least one claim.  In my video guide that I provide to my clients I share with them the reasons why I think writing one good claim is very important.

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By Brad Fach