Let Us File For Youwe-file

$250 (plus $65 Patent Office Fee)*


What it includes:

  • All official government forms prepared by us
  • Document conversion to proper formats accepted by the US Patent Office
  • Patent filing and form submission by a registered patent attorney or registered patent agent
  • Notifications and email reminders throughout the year of key deadlines

plus Guaranteed Patent Pending Status

How it works:

You send us your final provisional patent files (figures and description), we convert them to the proper format, prepare all the proper US Patent Office forms and paperwork, and we submit everything to the patent office for you using our registered USPTO-EFS account. Under this add-on, we can guarantee 100% acceptance by the patent office and we can guarantee you "Patent Pending" status.

Bonus: We will also add you into our automated computer system making sure you get notified by email of all key deadlines and due dates (tip:  the patent office will not send you any reminders so this is a nice feature).  We will also send you pdf copies by email of all correspondence we receive from the Patent Office.


Important Note:  If you are not a Gold Member of our site we will not read or fully review your patent application.  We will just make sure its in the proper format before we file it.

*$65 USPTO filing fee assumes you qualify as a micro entity.  If you do not, the fee will probably be $130.


Select your USPTO fee level

*$65 USPTO filing fee assumes you qualify as a micro entity.  If you do not, the fee will probably be $380 ($250 + $130).

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