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Here is the provisional patent template that I have used to file hundreds of provisional patent applications in the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Sign up below to get free instant access to this document (Microsoft Word file) allowing you to "fill in the blanks" to write your own provisional patent application and get patent pending.   

provisional patent template in MS Word
Microsoft Word Template Included

The provisional patent template includes:

  • Properly formatted MS Word document complying with US Patent and Trademark Office rules.
  • Correct paragraph numbering setup to automatically number paragraphs for you in the proper format.
  • All required sections labeled allowing you to fill them out one-by-one.
  • Advice on how to convert your MS Word file to a pdf format that is acceptable by the patent office (hint: not all pdf converters work well with USPTO requirements).

2024 Update - In January 2024 the US Patent Office now requires patent applications be filed in .docx format.  Our template has been updated to meet this standard.  

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Watch Video Introduction of the Provisional Patent Template:

provisional patent checklist
Patent Filing Checklist Included

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