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Patent Questions and Advice / Continuation applications
« on: June 01, 2021, 12:45:29 PM »
Do patent continuation applications and continuation in part applications replace the earlier application?

Meaning that if there was an "earlier application" that was filed in 2010 and then there was a continuation application of it in 2013 and then in 2015, do we only take the 2015 version into consideration, or do we take into consideration the 3 versions (and then only one of them would be granted)?

(Take into consideration= study it to avoid claim infringement)

Thank you!

If one patent claim is composed of multiple technical details, can I use one of those details (not the whole claim, just a part of it) in my patent application, knowing that both are in the same business field (I am referring to my competito patent)?

If no, can I use the technical detail by adding other different technical details (related to my invention) to it?

PS: Please note that I am talking about a part of a patent CLAIM, not of a part of a whole patent application.

Thank you.

Where should I patent my international mobile app?
My objective is to patent it in at least one country to make sure that my idea is new (so that my already existing competitors don't sue me), and to prevent others from patenting it in the future.
Should I aim for a country where IP is well developed (like the US, EPO, Japan, etc.), or should I aim for the less expensive one?

In addition, how could I know if the designated country patents mobile apps? I heard that for example, EPO patents are harder to get than US patents when it comes to inventions related to technology.

Thank you very much in advance,
Your advice has always been very useful.

When the USPTO makes a search for prior art, does it only concern prior art in the USA or globally?

In other words, when I patent my invention in a random country today, can I patent it in the USA after few years. The criteria of novelty may be in question.

Thank you

Patent Questions and Advice / Improvement of a patent in force
« on: March 17, 2021, 09:07:56 AM »
Can I improve an invention that is currently patented (patent in force)?
For example, I am creating a dating mobile/website app, so I base it on certain features that are currently patented by another dating app. However, I add improvements and changes to these protected features.
Is that legal or would it be considered as an infringement of the patent?
Thank you in advance.

Does every part of a mobile/website app need to be protected separately by a patent? For example, the app Tinder has several patents.

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