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PatentFile Website Questions and Reviews / Patent help and question
« on: September 02, 2015, 05:26:40 PM »
Hello Im new to the forum so sorry if I am posting this in the wrong area.

I have created something which is some what original, but it does have certain parts that was patent. Well i think it is patent as i see a patent number. 

The current patent is here, its a holster type device that holds a cell phone and wallet.

I created something similar that is a holster, but my creation will be holding something totally different. the only thing that looks the same would be the type of straps used within the holster.

i guess my main question is, how much different does your idea have to be to be considered yours. And the idea isn't infringing on anything?

thank you, and again i hope i am in the right place, if not my apologies,

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