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An integral part of my invention is software that implements the method (or are method and software synonymous?) and is dependent on devices that are claims of the patent.

My reading makes it seem like the gory details of the software, ie a detailed flow chart or English narrative equivalent to a flow chart is advisable. If that is correct should a flow chart be part of the detailed description or a Figure? If it is a narrative rather than a flow chart, again, part of the detailed description or a Figure?

I am asking primarily with regard to a provisional patent, but even in reading previous art there seems to be a lot of redundancy. Are there any essential differences between the brief description and the abstract, other than the 150 word limitation on the abstract?  Can they be identical if less than 150 words?  My brief description is only 155 words and includes some "benefits" of the invention which help distinguish it from previous art, which could be removed for the abstract.

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