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Patent Questions and Advice / Can you patent a use for gorilla glass?
« on: April 24, 2022, 04:39:20 PM »
Can you patent a use for gorilla glass?

The gorilla glass itself seems to be patented:

Are these the only patents that can be had? Or could someone patent a *use* for their gorilla glass?

Although gorilla glass was developed for smart phones, it is now being adapted for use in automobiles as a lightweight, super-strong windshield:

There was about a year of research that went into creating that successful three-layer laminate.

Was their idea of using gorilla glass as a car windshield a *patentable* idea? Or does it fail the "non-obvious" requirement?

Their idea seems to check all of the other boxes: new and novel, original, useful... I imagine the use of gorilla glass will become standard in the automotive industry over time. But was it patentable?

(I have an analogous idea, using a totally different material, that could be also be widely beneficial.)

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