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Hi Brad,

I have an idea for which I intend to file a provisional patent.

There are a few similar products that have nearly outdated patents that also used older, more inferior technology that is not as reliable, prone to failure, etc.  The technology that I intend to use did not exist when these patents were issued and is not described or mentioned in the prior art inasmuch as I have found in my research.

There are other elements of my idea and design that I believe will be patentable.

My question is this.  Is there anything wrong with copying information from existing patents to use in my own patent?  Since these patents solve a similar problem, I'm thinking why recreate the wheel when information in the description and claims is similar, well written, and has already passed through the scrutiny of the Patent Office.


Patent Questions and Advice / Use of other patented components
« on: April 30, 2017, 03:01:01 AM »
Hi Brad,

I'm new to the forum and have been reading over all of the excellent information that you have provided.

I am working on an electronic device that will need to combine other, potentially patented, components.  Is it possible to obtain a utility patent for this device?  For example, a cell phone uses a camera, speaker, etc. that are manufactured by another company.  Can the company that creates the cell phone obtain a patent?  this may not be a good example because obviously that technology has been around long enough for the patents to have expired.. but what about in the case where that patents for combined components have not expired?

Thanks in advance,

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