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I've filed a utility patent application, with a number of claims that increased the original filing fee.

Is it possible to change that application, to reduce the number of claims, resulting in the reduction of the original filing fee?

I have PCT and non-provisional US patent applications filed on the same invention. I will have to withdraw and later refile the PCT application due to inability to pay the filing fees at this time. What is the procedure for withdrawing, is there a form? Once the PCT application is refiled, can I claim the US non-provisional filing date as the priority date for the PCT application? Is there a certain procedure or form for refiling the PCT application?

I've filed a patent application with the PCT through the USPTO. Can I file the same patent application with the European Patent Office?

I filed a provisional patent app about a year ago. Seven months later I refiled the exact same provisional. Does the second filing delete or get rid of my original filing date? Do I now only have the second filing to rely on as a priority date? Or is the original first provisional priority date still valid?

I filed my provisional patent on Feb 21, 2016. I'm filing my utility non-provisional US patent, and PCT patents. My 12 months to claim priority ends today, Feb, 20th Washington's Birthday, a USPTO holiday.
I'm a small entity, individual inventor, and in patent office parlance I'm 'under-resourced'. Recently it became apparent that the patent needed to wholly rewritten, and I'm doing all the work on my own. Would these factors assist in my getting an extension? Would the extension be good for both US and PCT utility patent applications?

Situation: Filed my provisional 11 months ago. Rewriting to file as regular US and PCT applications. Pro se currently, may have pro bono help in a couple of months, for filing further claims in amendments.

Basically I've gone from trying to patent my idea, to patenting what I've actually invented.  That's a huge difference.

So let's say you think of my provisional as a street. We start at Point A, go to B, or C, or both, to get result D.
A then B gets you to D.
A then C gets you to D.
A then B and C gets you to D, but D is much improved.

So points B and C are actually cross streets with many variations. Start at point A, wander all over streets B and C, and get to D. That's what my provisional outlines.

I've come to realize that Point A is actually a roundabout connecting to many streets.  So there are a lot more possibilities involved. Rewriting my patent app focusing largely on Roundabout A would give me greater coverage.

Basically my provisional covers maybe 10% of the territory that I should cover in my regular US and PCT applications. The new application would cover the old info (in the previously filed provisional), but also is wholly new approach basically.

Do I do a rush job in the next couple weeks on my regular app, keeping my provisional as priority, and hope to amend with professional help later?

Or should I just buckle down, spend a couple months writing a whole new patent app, possibly with professional help, and losing the priority date of my existing provisional?

Is it possible that I can file a copy of my existing provisional today, and use today as my priority for a regular patent application later?

Writing the applications on my own, five weeks until the one year on my US provisional runs out. Asking what must absolutely be included in the US non-provisional/regular patent and PCT applications.
Do I need to include only the specification, which I understand to be only description and drawings, at first filings?
Can I add the claims in amendments later, and what are the time limits on adding to first filings?
If I sell publicly before filing my claims amendments, will that affect what I can claim?
Sorry if this is repetition, but I seem to be finding varying answers, I'm out of time and critically under-resourced.

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