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Hi Brad.  I developed a supplement for animals that has measurable results and could only be developed by someone with a very specific background.  No one would stumble across it; it uses prior art in with different results.  I didn't file for a provisional because it was still in development but people have been buying the original product and are happy with it.  I'd like to get "patent pending" on it really just for its marketing and IP value before I introduce it to a wider market.  Do you have advice on it?  Would adding a benefit or property to it do the job?  No one has copied it so far, but it has been out there on our website for a couple of years in its early form.

Hi Brad and all,
I look forward to working with you all. 
We're a small manufacturer of animal feed and supplements and have a number of products that are unique in the industry.  I've made a number of versions of them, improving as I go.  I am an animal nutritionist and know why these feeds and supplements work but have not shared all that information of course.  It is not all on the label; it is not required to be.  Other companies are trying to copy our products but ours are superior because I have inside knowledge.  I didn't think this could go beyond a trade secret but one of my customers who has several patents of his own tells me I should make them my intellectual property so I can assign the rights to them, or not.  If we are bought out someday that would be nice.  Your thoughts?

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