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Patent Questions and Advice / Patent citations
« on: May 23, 2015, 05:54:28 PM »
Okay so in reading through patents I see sometimes they have citations that is a heading or a group they are referring to. Why are they citing these patents? I see one here with 22 allowed patents that are being cited. Many if not all seem to be a patent on the same basic idea, but the first one was in 1929 and the most recent in 2013.

 Then there is another group with the heading Referenced by. Again they seem to be patents addressing a basic idea that is patented in 10 different ways.

 Then under the heading referenced by, it says "citing patent"

 This all seems pretty confusing, are they saying look at these patents to help cloud the issue or make it more clear?  To me it seems that by the time you look into all these patents they have pretty much covered everything you can think of. Yet they keep issuing new patents.

My invention is a fairly simple switch with a couple springs and a couple on off switches, the tolerances must be tight and smooth or it will not function properly. I am not having much luck building it myself far...  I am just wondering if anyone has actually gone through the process and can recommend a company or a company to stay away from. What were your costs, you know just helpful insights.

Hello I have been reading claims in allowed patents, sometimes they will say claims 1 through 20 canceled. I am guessing these 1 through 20 were found to be beyond the scope of the patent? Then claim 21 written in a dark text, claims 21 through 25 are in a lighter colored text. then 26 in again a darker text. Why darker and lighter text?

Raising Money to Fund Your Invention / Angle inverstor
« on: May 05, 2015, 11:22:21 AM »
Hi Brad just wondering what one of these angle investors would get / expect for their 50 to 100 k investment?

Patent Questions and Advice / Re: process or method patent
« on: May 04, 2015, 03:57:52 PM »
Okay thanks for the answer, as to part 3 of your answer. That part is new information to me and I would like to hear more about it. So lets say that I have a process that when followed will up set a compound bow to be able to hit it's intended target at twice the distance it is capable of under the current sighting and aiming system. It requires no new additions to the compound bow.
 Now if I am allowed a patent for this useful process and license company A to use this process to sell their new compound bows. Once the information is made public other people and companies will see that they can apply the process to their own equipment and have most of the benefits of the process. Would I be able to stop them (companies) from using this information to sell their compound bows. Even though you do not need an invention to use the process. In this case if the answer is yes I can stop them from advertising the process or parts of the process. Then it seems to me it is a viable option (economically) to file the patent on a process that can benefit all who use compound bows.
 Hopefully a company or companies would still see it as an advantage to be licensed to advertise and use the process to promote their compound bow.

My question relates to having more than one company in a negotiation at the same time. One very simple product I am working to patent is a way for company #1  to be more competitive with company #2. For company #2 perhaps they will sell fewer of the product but it helps to keep their advantage in this area over company #1. So do I go to each company in private and get their thoughts or is there a way to get both companies at the same negotiation?

Part 2 of the question. This product I refereed to is in production and sells very well. I am just adding 1 simple switch to the product that gives it a whole new appeal or a whole new version of the same basic product. What could someone expect as far as profitability from a simple change? The item could still be sold in its old form, but new sales would be generated from the new version. I am starting to see the answer might / should be based on new sales. Then as far a a percentage of sales, rough ideas or thoughts?

Patent Questions and Advice / process or method patent
« on: May 03, 2015, 04:53:12 PM »
I have seen a similar type of process that has been allowed a patent so I am fairly confident a patent is possible. Although when the information is made public most of the benefits of the process can be taken from the source and the benefits used across the industry. So my question is can I offer to license the whole industry to use this process and its very beneficial information?
 Second part of my question is if I do get allowed a patent what rights do I have as to the process? I would assume I would have to right to advertise all the relevant information as it pertains to the use of the products it affects. I would think I would be able use all the helpful information in user manuals and you tube advertisements.
 Thirdly any group or company who refused to license the information, would I be able to keep them from using this information to help explain the use of their products or make their product appear as good as those guys who are advertising the helpful information?

Thanks for your help and comments

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