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Thanks Again!

Patent Questions and Advice / Attaching files (by name) to USPTO site
« on: July 30, 2014, 01:05:27 PM »
RE: Provisional Application

I have SB0015a, SB0016 and PTO 2028 ready to go

My specification sheet includes Specifications, Claims and Abstract..converted to pdf via PRIMOpdf.

I have -8- individual drawings "FIG. 1 through FIG. 8" that are referenced in the "specifications" sheet (they were converted to PDF with PRIMOpdf).  Is it OK to leave them named FIG.1 etc\


Worked fine the other day...been clearing cache, cookies, refreshing etc  just can't open the User Authentication - EFSWeb page! Most of the time it won't paste the epf file - when it does and after checking the block and entering a password and authenticate - no response.

Using Internet Explorer............

Patent Questions and Advice / Re: Working prototypes
« on: July 20, 2014, 11:08:04 PM »
Thank You Sir!

Patent Questions and Advice / Working prototypes
« on: July 18, 2014, 08:28:25 AM »

It is mentioned that we need to demonstrate to the USPTO that our invention could work.... I have (2) fully functioning prototypes.

Would the patent office desire to see it in action with a video or even pictures?

After filing would it be risky to post a video of the invention in action without identifying the internal construction details in an attempt to target potential investors/manufacturers?

Kinda like showing a wood shredder spitting out chips but without showing the actual internal cutting blade construction?

Personally I feel that hands-on demonstrations would help get the word out to ID a manufacturer willing to team up.


Filing my Provisional Application electronically.............

Preparing the Provisional Application Cover Sheet PTO/SB-16 (/electronic signature/)

Since I qualify for Micro Entity Status (-153,051.00) I am checking that box and completing PTO/SB/15A (/electronic signature/)

Form  SB-16 indicates that I should attach credit card Form PTO-2038!

The warning on that form reads do not send credit card info electronically?


1) How do I make payment

2)  Do I pay both the 1.16(a) Basic filing fee - Utility (electronic filing) $70 -AND- 1.16(d) Provisional application filing fee  $65?


Thanks again..

Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July



Thinking do I be specific describing my invention in the provisional application but at the same time not limiting myself.  For example if I describe a part as .250 diameter but .150 to .750 might work depending on engineering recommendations.

Can I concentrate more on the concept/mechanics vs actual dimensions?  Kinda like a hula-hoop, whether a 30" or 40" diameter needs to be pointed out?




The information on this forum and your online tutorials have been great. 

Please just one more question before I finish up my Provisional Patent template.  I was going over the item description while laying in bed ::) and came up with another way to make my invention work.  So went out to the shop and made a another prototype that works as well as my original.

Both have the same final function, use the same basic mechanics but have slightly different features (shapes) to do the same thing if that makes sense?  (Kind of a "either/or") I know if  I were to patent the first version someone could easily move to file an improvement, but either version gets the job done. One is more compact over the other.  I'd like to cover both and let the manufacturing end decide which version has the best final production feasibility/reliability.

Anyway should I include drawings for both versions and describe for example that the second version would assist the manufacturer to produce a more compact unit as compared to the first larger more durable version?

I was also thinking about keeping my first draft and just include another drawing to show how the original item could be modified to make it more compact if needed.

I know we are limited to the number of drawing we can submit.



Thanks for your help.  Really great to see folks helping each other.


As we all know firearm safety is a public subject matter. I have developed a firearm safety device that might possibly be accepted by either side of the issue.  Thanks to Brad’s free template I have a provisional package nearly ready to submit.   

Considering it’s application I have concerns about related liability if I, as a micro entity marketed the device.

-       I have functioning prototypes.

-      The device currently applies to one popular firearm but the concept could be adapted to others.

-      Suspect it would require (costly) powder metal injection to produce.

-      Would prefer fine tuning by a firearms manufacturer (professional gunsmith/engineer)

-      I’m broke!

With this in mind, how do I market or approach a firearm manufacturer, could an inventor sell a “provisional application” or it’s rights and still receive credit, compensation and transfer liability?


Almost done completing my Provisional Patent draft via your free template - Thank You!

Once the provisional is do I approach manufacturers with my invention while protecting it? (disclosures)?

I made a couple of working prototypes that I'm confident will draw a lot of interest especially if I can demonstrate them to the targeted audience.


PatentFile Website Questions and Reviews / Re: Welcome to our forum!
« on: June 18, 2014, 05:47:28 PM »
Ditto on the "Thanks"...your web site and free provisional patent template got me started.


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