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Hello Brad!

   Thank you for your respond.

In my Private-Pair they show : Status date is : Aug 17 2022.

Number of months to the First Action : 7.
Is mean USPTO calculate the First Action from September 2022 + 7 months so The First Action may be around March 2023. Is this true ?

I need to use only service to answer for First Office Action from USPTO. Do you provide this service ? My application utility is Non-Provisional.

Thank you!

Hello Brad!
   I'm Vietnamese. I make and filed application utility in USPTO via EFS-Web by myself. I'm e-file was authentication by USPTO. I have some question to need you help.
 When I check in my Private Pair I see some information look like under :
1 - In the Tab Application Data they show : Class / Subclass:   224/430000 -> Is this line mean my application was classified or not classified yet ?

2 - In the Tab Application Data they show  : Group Art Unit:   OPAP -> What does this mean ?

3 - How to USPTO calculate number of months to the First Action ? USPTO will be calculate month to the First Action begin the month after month of filing date or begin the month after month of Status date ?

4 - In the Tab First Action Prediction they show :
Application Serial#: 17854269
Group Art Unit: OPAP
Application Status: 30 Docketed New Case - Ready for Examination
Filing Date: 07-JUL-2022
No. of months to First Action: 7

What will I do now ? I need some advice from you for my case .

Do you have service to answer for Office Action of USPTO ? If you have this sevice I want to use and I ready to pay for this service.

Hoang Nguyen.

Thank you!

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