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Should my PPA be implemented as the simplest or most-featured system ?

Thank you Brad for the fast quick and educational response. My original question was truncated but you answered my question fully anyway. Here is the full text in case anyone is interested.
This is the first provisional patent application (PPA) I've attempted. With an engineering background, I tend to approach tasks from the technical side, so please forgive my lack of basic patent skills. I
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Re: Should my PPA be implemented as the simplest or most-featured system ?
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The good news is that the provisional patent application should focus on the technical information.  The main job of the provisional is to serve as proper "support" for later filed applications so it is important you have good technical information included.

In order to answer your question, you need to first determine what is the most innovative and important components for your system.   Then pretend you had a patent that covered those components and their arrangement and see how someone else could try to get around your patent by changing the design.   Make sure your figures and text that you include in the PPA do a good job of showing your primary system plus the next best alternative.   

No need to waste time on explaining common features that are well known. 
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