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Unique and bovious but never done in the last 4,000 years till now???

Mr. Fach;
      Speaking in the most general terms as I can, I have invented a new gold pan that addresses the needs and complaints that surround all current pans in the industry. The issues are: the pans lose gold in the clean out, the debris have to be repossessed to get that gold and the panning process is labor intensive and back-braking. They all use the law of physics that govern separating heavy particles in a fluidized state, swirling in a rotation motion. With the addition of a simple "structure" that employes two other fields of physics which act in concert with fluidization, I have a pan that collects all the gold known to be physically possible by panning, can dump all talus in a second and a half with zero loss of gold and do so in 1/8th the average current time. The skill level is zero.
       When people see the device they shall slap there heads and say "Why didn't I think of that." Humanity has had over 4.000 years to do so and didn't. Will the employment of two other types of physics never before used in this process be enough to be considered as unique and novel? The economics of a pan that would supplant all others is stagering.
       Thank you.
       Have a great now.   JIM


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Re: Unique and bovious but never done in the last 4,000 years till now???
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2016, 03:25:58 PM »
The way the patent examiners work (which is not exactly proper) is that will look at the pieces you have included your pan and try to find other similar pans that have the same pieces.  Unless you have some new and different piece or component to your pan they will most likely reject your idea as being "obvious" since they can point to other pans which either alone or on combination with other pans have all the same components of your pan.  This is why getting a patent on a very simple invention without a lot of pieces or components can be hard, especially if its in a very old field like gold mining which I imagine has all sorts of inventions over the past centuries. 

A good enough patent agent or attorney may be able to overcome some of these rejections by the patent examiner but that adds to the cost of a patent.   

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