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Changing the description of the invention in the non-PPA with respect to the PPA


First let me say I appreciate this forum, thank you!

My question is a general one, and it is a fictitious example.

Suppose I am preparing a PPA, what would be the best way to describe the invention?

a) be very specific, i.e., for example: "this invention allows to open cans of canned fish using only one finger"?

b) be more comprehensive: "this invention allows to open fish cans, tea boxes, candy cans, noodle packages and oil bottles, using only one finger" "In addition, the invention allows to remove the screens of mobile phones with only one finger".

Let's suppose I choose a), i.e. be very specific. When I then apply for a non-provisional patent, can I add to the described use of opening fish cans, the other uses (opening tea boxes, candy cans, noodle packets and oil bottles), and keep the priority date of the PPA? And can I also add the "use to remove the screens of mobile phones with one finger" and keep the priority date of the PPA?

Suppose I choose b), i.e. to be more comprehensive. In the event that after filling the PPA I discover that the invention is not good for opening packages of noodles (but is good for everything else explicit in the PPA), can I omit the opening of noodle packages from the non-provisional patent? In the same way, could I omit in the non-provisional patent the use for removing the screens of mobile phones with one finger", if I wish, and keep only the others?

Thank you very much!
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Sorry Alpha.  For some reason I was not getting notified of new posts so all of yours have slipped through the cracks.   If you are still looking for an answer to this I would be happy to write more but in general the non-provisional can include new ideas and changes from the provisional.  However, any new material you add will not get "credit" or priority back to the provisional because that material was not included at the time the provisional was filed.

Omitting things if fine too but remember once your non-provisional gets published online, people can get into your files and see what was in your provisional so that old material will still be in the records. 
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