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Title: patent strategy in our case
Post by: newpatenter on December 03, 2018, 12:12:32 PM
There is a system/equipment consists of A, B, C, D components. Each component is also a complicated combination of fundamental industrial parts on the market.

We have a patent on A with allowance in US, refer it as A2. But we have a better A2 now, refer it as A2a, and also have a better C, refer it as C2. We would like to have a PCT if possible. 

Based on suggestions from experts here, we may need to make the following claims:
1. Component A2a;
2. Component C2;
3. System A2a, B, C, D;
4. System A, B, C2, D;
5. System. A2a, B, C2, D;

Now we may have the following path options:

Option One:

Option Two:

Option Three:

Are all of these options valid paths? which one is the easiest path? Any better suggestions?

Title: Re: patent strategy in our case
Post by: Brad on December 03, 2018, 02:06:18 PM
Hi James,

I will leave this post open to see if anyone else wants to answer it.   

This is getting a bit too specific and detailed for me to feel comfortable answering and we would usually charge for our time to review and respond to something this case-specific. 

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