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Is it possible to patent connecting a device via bluetooth/NFC


I have a product that has never previously been connected to a consumer product via bluetooth or NFC (although it has via RF) Is it possible for me to patent  the idea of connecting this device to a cell phone via bluetooth or NFC? If it matters, it would connect to a proprietary app on the phone which would control the connected product.


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Re: Is it possible to patent connecting a device via bluetooth/NFC
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2020, 08:41:56 AM »
Well anything is possible because patents are examined by human examiners and some are good examiners and some are bad examiners.   So you may get a really easy examiner that allows 99% of his/her cases and you may be able to get a patent approved.

However, most patent applications are rejected for being an odviouss change or improvement to a known device or technology.  In the example you gave I would guess most examiners would reject the move from RF to Bluetooth or other NFC protocols as being an obvious switch and reject the application.   I would think this would have a low chance of approval but this is just my guess and I have been surprised before on some of the cases the office decides to allow or reject. 

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