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Is it possible to get a patent for an existing process applied to a new market?


Thanks in advance
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Hi Paul,

I removed your question as I don't want your words to come back and bite you later if you ever found yourself trying to defend this patent.

In general, it would be best if we can get a patent approved on the new material itself.  If there is nothing special about the material itself and rather it is just the process used to make the material then we can sometimes get a patent on that as long as the process is not routine.  For example, if your process is using a new step or a new ingredient that is not commonly found in similar processes than it may have a chance of getting approved but if you are taking a routine type process used in other fields but for a similar purpose and applying that to your field these are very difficult patents to get approved.

Is it worth it?  That depends on your business goals.  Some people like to file a patent so they can tell their investors they filed a patent and it may even scare off some of your competition for awhile letting you take the lead in the market.  In that case maybe filing a patent is worth it even though it has a low chance of approval.   
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