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Company wants to show product to big stores before signing contract, normal?

we have one company with access to big stores interested in our products. they want to show it to the big stores to asses viability.
Is this normal?
should i oppose to this?
should we have any agreement signed before?


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A few things that come to my mind: 

1) Please do your homework on this company.  Search their name online for "reivews" and also search their name plus "Scam" to see if anyone has complained about them.

2) Are they asking you for money?  If so that is usually a red flag they are just trying to make money off of you and really don't care about selling your product.

3)  Have you filed a patent yet?  If not, that should be done before you have any sale or public display of your invention.

4) Agreements are always a good idea prior to working with any company or person.

Hope that helps.

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Good solid advice Brad, especially number 1 - Do Your Homework.
Luckily we have Google these days ;)
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