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A Bad Submission Form ?

A Bad Submission Form ?
« on: September 19, 2014, 08:37:33 AM »
Would you sign this form? From what I read it says Whats mine is now yours. I see no protection for the submitter. thanks Brad

I am submitting to--(together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, collectively referred to as "_") certain ideas,

technologies, and/or other materials having to do with products, and/or the development of new products, processes,

and/or packaging, (collectively referred to as the "Submission"). I understand and agree to the following:

(1) Non-confidential Submission. Only non-confidential information is included in the Submission. All information

disclosed to _ in this Submission will be considered non-confidential public information and THD shall not be

required to retain or return any Submission. I will indemnify and hold _ harmless from and against any and all

third party claims, losses, liabilities and damages arising from my Submission.

(2) No Commitment._ has no obligation to enter into any discussion or agreement regarding the Submission or pay or

buy the Submission. Moreover, nothing herein will prevent _ from pursuing any conversations or agreements for

similar Submissions with other third parties. Further, _ shall not be limited or prohibited from creating,

developing or acquiring any ideas, products, technologies, concepts or systems that are similar to or compete with

the Submission.


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Re: A Bad Submission Form ?
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2014, 10:48:29 AM »
I cannot really comment on the legal aspects of the form as I am not allowed to give out legal advice.

In general I would avoid submitting inventions under forms like this unless you really have to.  If you do want to proceed, I would make sure that you only give them general (non-confidential) details about what your product does and not really how it works.  You should also have your provisional filed prior to sending them the information.   

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