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Patent Questions and Advice / Re: PPA from two foreners and US LLC
« Last post by Brad on Today at 08:24:10 AM »
1) you have all of the forms needed to file
2) German address is okay
3) If you want the patent to be owned by the LLC, you must record an "assignment agreement"

If you need to get more specific information from me I would ask you at least sign up for our Basic Package here:
(note that we don't offer any support or packages for the assignment but we can record it for you for $150)

Patent Questions and Advice / PPA from two foreners and US LLC
« Last post by MrIlg on Today at 04:17:30 AM »
Dear Brad,

please, may I kindly ask you if I am at correct way or not.

What we have: two inventors, both German residents: me and my colleague. We have US LLC company (just opened, no activity yet, no EIN number yet, I am CEO here).

The invention application contain 38 pages with 40 claims (14 are independent), we are theoretically ready for NPA/EPA/PCT, but it is a little bit expensive and not feasible for us now, so, preferably to apply for PPA, and search for investors, may be apply for PCT within one year, but if we find no investors/funding in two years, clearly stop this activity.

Hence, I am about to submit our PPA application over USPTO.GOV online, preferably with micro-entity status. Me and my colleague earned privately less than $100k last year, and, US LLC have nothing now, with $10 starting capital.

I am submitting online to USPTO.GOV:
* drawing.pdf (drawing itself) (11 pages),
* transmittal.pdf from PTO/SB/16, (two private inventors, corresponding address is German address)
* PTO/SB/15A (three forms, two for private persons, one for the LLC company).

My questions, please, advice:

1. what else should I submit, or what you may advice to change?
2. can I state corresponding address my German home address, or there are some heavy reasons to set US LLC address here?
3. where I should outline our LLC to be an owner of the invention?

Thank you in advance!


One way around this is to describe the invention or object by example.   So you can write:

In some examples the invention does A, B, C


In some embodiments, the invention does X, Y, Z


How to use word advantages and avoid using words invention or object in description

I am reading book patent it yourself 18th edition.
Page 210 tells about advantages here is the Citation

g. Advantages
Although it is optional, you may list the advantages of
your invention in a narrative form. If you do so, make it
the first paragraph in your Detailed Description section.
Include this because it helps orient your readers to your
subject matter, and helps sell the invention to the
examiner or a judge who may rule on your patent. The
advantages may also help distinguish your invention
from a “judicial exception” that is not patentable.
For example, if your invention does any of the
following, explain in narrative form the shortcoming
of the prior art and the advantage of your invention:
improves another technology or technical field;
improves the functioning of the computer itself; or
includes a feature or function that is more than what
is well-
understood, routine, and conventional in the
field. However, it’s important not to use language
that a court may consider limiting; don’t use the
words “invention” or “objects,”

The author says not to use words “invention” or “objects,”
If I don’t use these words, how do I state …the object of the current invention…
I don’t understand this approach.
Could someone explain this to me.

Thank you in advance
Thanks for the info.
1)  The conference paper would be "prior art" the date it was put online or made public (usually a few months before the conference)

2)  The United States is now a "First To File" country meaning that whoever files the patent first wins.

I have two questions regarding what is a prior art:
1- If a conference paper is submitted to the conference (e.g., for being reviewed) before a provisional patent is filed but published (and the conference is held) after the filing, is it considered a prior art and can it be used to void the patent?
1- Suppose that two different persons want to patent the same idea. One has had the idea before the other (and can prove it) but didn't publicize it, while the other filed the patent sooner. Which one's patent is accepted?
For my prototype, I downloaded Autodesk Fusion 360 (free for 30 days), created the model and STL files that I sent to Shapeways and had 4 pieces 3D printed in a couple different materials (plastic) and colors.  Used their coupon code for free shipping.

Total cost about 20 bucks, and turnaround less than 2 weeks.

Got lucky and the design was actually dimensionaly perfect.  Got it done in one.

Then I used the same model in Fusion to created the drawings for the PPA.  Fusion will output to PDF.

Learning curve is a bit steep if you've never used a 3D modeling program before, but there are tons if YouTube videos by Autodesk and others to get you started.

Bonus:   I saw that Shapeways could 3D print in precious metals, so I designed a piece of jewelry for the wife and had it printed in sterling silver.  That got me lucky, too.
Marketing, Licensing, and Selling an Invention / Re: Product Name
« Last post by atouk on March 18, 2017, 06:24:32 AM »
Thank's for the quick reply.  Also, the free advice here goes above and beyond.

That being said, I look forward to being a pain in the ass in the future with more questions.  ;D
Marketing, Licensing, and Selling an Invention / Re: Product Name
« Last post by Brad on March 18, 2017, 05:55:46 AM »
No.  There is no protection for a name based on what is used in the PPA.

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