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What MUST be included in PCT first filing, what can be added in amendments?

Writing the applications on my own, five weeks until the one year on my US provisional runs out. Asking what must absolutely be included in the US non-provisional/regular patent and PCT applications.
Do I need to include only the specification, which I understand to be only description and drawings, at first filings?
Can I add the claims in amendments later, and what are the time limits on adding to first filings?
If I sell publicly before filing my claims amendments, will that affect what I can claim?
Sorry if this is repetition, but I seem to be finding varying answers, I'm out of time and critically under-resourced.


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You mentioned "PCT" which has its own set of rules and procedures to follow which are too complex for me to get into here and I frequently have check with people when filing a PCT as its a bit different than filing a straight USA app.  Note that WIPO has some free videos and training courses on what is needed to file a PCT.

At the bare minimum you would need:
-specification with detailed description of the invention including a priority claim to your provisional
-drawings clearly showing each key feature of the invention
-at least one claim (claims can be added or changed later)
-proper forms (for USA application it would be an ADS, not sure what the required forms or for PCT)
-payment of the filing fees  (note the PCT fees will be at least $1,500)

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Thanks for your answer!  I'd forgotten about the PCT time limit to use my provisional as priority, so now I'm on a PCT self taught crash course.  Thanks for the link, I'm sure it will help.