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PPA from two foreners and US LLC


PPA from two foreners and US LLC
« on: March 28, 2017, 04:17:30 AM »
Dear Brad,

please, may I kindly ask you if I am at correct way or not.

What we have: two inventors, both German residents: me and my colleague. We have US LLC company (just opened, no activity yet, no EIN number yet, I am CEO here).

The invention application contain 38 pages with 40 claims (14 are independent), we are theoretically ready for NPA/EPA/PCT, but it is a little bit expensive and not feasible for us now, so, preferably to apply for PPA, and search for investors, may be apply for PCT within one year, but if we find no investors/funding in two years, clearly stop this activity.

Hence, I am about to submit our PPA application over USPTO.GOV online, preferably with micro-entity status. Me and my colleague earned privately less than $100k last year, and, US LLC have nothing now, with $10 starting capital.

I am submitting online to USPTO.GOV:
* drawing.pdf (drawing itself) (11 pages),
* transmittal.pdf from PTO/SB/16, (two private inventors, corresponding address is German address)
* PTO/SB/15A (three forms, two for private persons, one for the LLC company).

My questions, please, advice:

1. what else should I submit, or what you may advice to change?
2. can I state corresponding address my German home address, or there are some heavy reasons to set US LLC address here?
3. where I should outline our LLC to be an owner of the invention?

Thank you in advance!




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Re: PPA from two foreners and US LLC
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2017, 08:24:10 AM »
1) you have all of the forms needed to file
2) German address is okay
3) If you want the patent to be owned by the LLC, you must record an "assignment agreement"

If you need to get more specific information from me I would ask you at least sign up for our Basic Package here:
(note that we don't offer any support or packages for the assignment but we can record it for you for $150)

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