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When one invention is used in a second, and second invention is used in a third

I can't recall the technical term for this situation and question:
Invention A is patented.  Use of the A patent is licensed to be used in invention B.  Invention B includes invention A.  Invention B is used in multiple inventions, C1, C2, ...
Must the manufacturers and sellers of inventions C1, C2 etc. license patent A?
My searches may have worked better if I could recall the exact words for this situation.  "Patent Scope" returns too many unrelated articles.
My request to readers is for either a better search term or "the answer" if you happen to know it.
Thank you in advance.

The keyword I was missing was "downstream".  With that keyword in my search I found this article which answers my question:
I'll leave this post in which I answered my own question in case others may find it helpful.
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