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How to use word advantages and avoid using words invention or object in descript

How to use word advantages and avoid using words invention or object in description

I am reading book patent it yourself 18th edition.
Page 210 tells about advantages here is the Citation

g. Advantages
Although it is optional, you may list the advantages of
your invention in a narrative form. If you do so, make it
the first paragraph in your Detailed Description section.
Include this because it helps orient your readers to your
subject matter, and helps sell the invention to the
examiner or a judge who may rule on your patent. The
advantages may also help distinguish your invention
from a “judicial exception” that is not patentable.
For example, if your invention does any of the
following, explain in narrative form the shortcoming
of the prior art and the advantage of your invention:
improves another technology or technical field;
improves the functioning of the computer itself; or
includes a feature or function that is more than what
is well-
understood, routine, and conventional in the
field. However, it’s important not to use language
that a court may consider limiting; don’t use the
words “invention” or “objects,”

The author says not to use words “invention” or “objects,”
If I don’t use these words, how do I state …the object of the current invention…
I don’t understand this approach.
Could someone explain this to me.

Thank you in advance


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Writing Patent - avoid using words invention or object in description?
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One way around this is to describe the invention or object by example.   So you can write:

In some examples the invention does A, B, C


In some embodiments, the invention does X, Y, Z

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