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How much Time Can USPTO Answer with the Confirmation for Provisional Application


recently I submitted 2 PPAs to USPTO electronically with micro-entity status. After the first submission (by the end of May) I got a letter within 2 weeks, however, I am still waiting for a confirmation for the second submission that I did at Aug 2017.

I have both US62,5xx,xxx numbers from efilling, however, I did not yet registered for USPTO to fill electronically.

And finally I am applying from the abroad, however I have US LLC, but I set corresponding address as german one during efilling.

Please, advice me, if possible:

1. how long time can USPTO send the confirmation letter,
2. what I can do if the letter were lost on the way from USPTO to me.

In parallel I am planning to apply for registered user of USPTO's Electronic Filing System (EFS-Web). It is clear for me how to Obtain a Customer Number and associate patent applications with my said customer number, but I should apply for a Digital Certificate.

Please, advice me how to get Digital Certificate if I am situating in Germany and would like to escape oversea travel for digital certification.

Thank you in advance!




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I usually wait for 6 weeks and if you do not get a USPTO receipt call the application assistance phone number and give them your 62/.... number and they will tell you the status.   Phone number = 888-786-0101

For digital certificate please call:  866-217-9197
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Dear Brad,

thank you for your kind answer. You helped me to resolve all my questions!

There were very helpful discussions over both hotlines.

BTW, may be somebody will need this information: to certify the signature for digital certification one can use any notary even outside of US or from US embassy.

Edit (Oct. 14): after your kind advice and my call I almost immediately get confirmation letter by the post. Thank you very much, Brad!!!


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