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Application Data Sheet with PPA (provisional patent application)?

Shawn Moser

I confirmed with the USPTO inclusion of an Application Data Sheet (ADS) with a PPA filing is optional.  My question is whether there is a reason I should or should not include an ADS when I file my PPA?

Also, if I should include the ADS, there's a section within the ADS called "Authorization or Opt-Out of Authorization to Permit Access.  It appears this section pertains to granting foreign patent offices access to my patent application information.  It's unclear to me if this would apply to a PPA and if so, is there a reason to permit access to foreign patent offices?

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Re: Application Data Sheet with PPA (provisional patent application)?
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As a matter of "best practice" its good to include an application data sheet because it reduces the chance that the USPTO will make an error when entering data into your record at the patent office.  However, many people don't include an ADS and that is fine too. 

If you think there is a chance you may want to eventually file your patent outside of the US, then I would include the ADS since it has the automatic authorization for foreign countries to have access to your files (this is the section you are asking about).   If you don't think you will ever file outside of the US I would probably just skip the ADS all together. 
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